Chana Masala with Spinach

The longer you can leave this one simmering the more the spices will blend and mellow but I’ve found that as little as 10 minutes will create a beautifully fragrant fast dinner.

I threw this one together during that slow week before payday using the cupboard leftovers. Thankfully it is possible to create healthy dishes that cost next to nothing! For added bonus lemon juice and coriander can be added at the end to give the dish a slightly fragrant sour kick.

This recipe can easily be changed or substituted to include beans or meat to be even more filling.  The ingredients I used are:

1 Chopped Onion
Grated Ginger
Grated Garlic
1 Chilli
Gram Masala
1 Red Pepper
Tin of Tomato
Tin of Chickpeas


Chop the onion and cook in a pan with coconut oil until the onions are browned.  Throw in some tumeric, ginger, garlic, chilli, gram masala and simmer for a few minutes turning often.

Add the tinned tomato, washed chickpeas, and pepper and leave to simmer for at least ten minutes. Throw in washed spinach for the final couple of minutes and serve with rice or naan bread.


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