Vegan Bakewell Bites

When I seriously began trying to overhaul my habits and move to a healthy diet my biggest stumbling block was snacking.  In order for any diet to be sustainable I couldn’t feel deprived of anything, especially sweet snacks to get me through the day.  One of the things that really helped me to stay away from junk foods and needless deserts was finding suitable heathy vegan alternatives.  The best I found is the Nakd bars and bites, during my dissertation period I practically lived on them!

They’re super easy to make at home too, it’s usually just a case of mixing almonds or cashews with medjool dates and a flavouring ingredient.  I’ve made chocolate ones, Bakewell tart, berry, coffee, lemon and most recently carrot cake.

They can also be bulked out with oats and I tend to use a variety of nuts within each batch.  Recently I’ve been craving the Bakewell tarts and made them ball-shaped for the fun of it, recipe down below.  I’ll also aim to post recipes for the other flavours at a later date but whatever you put it you can’t really go wrong!


4 medjool dates

2/3 cup mixed nuts

Dried cranberries or cherries

1 teaspoon almond extract

Maple Syrup or honey

Oats (optional)


Place nuts and oats into food processor and blend until fine.  Pit the dates and put into the processor with the almond extract and a teaspoon of maple syrup then blend.  Remove the mixture from the processor and mix in the cranberries.

Shape the mixture into any size and shape.  I find it best to coat the edge in rice flour or similar to prevent the bars/balls sticking to each other.



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