What is Skyr?

What is Skyr and why do I love it so much?

In my hunt for healthy yogurts and snacks I recently came across Skyr (pronounced Skeer). Its different from anything else I’ve tried and it seems to be taking over the health boards.  I admit I had never heard of it and had to google it but it’s hard to deny that it already has become a bit of a cult item in much the same way as coconut milk and quinoa.

I love to add yogurts to my morning smoothie, the right one can bring so many nutrients and goodness but unfortunately so many are more sugar than anything else.  Also a great deal of them have fruit bits which I cannot stand!

Not Skyr though, it has a much thicker creamier consistency than normal yogurt which is great I think for smoothies and absolutely no bits,  I have been using the honey flavour which is divine!

According to Arla who produce Skyr it is ‘it is fat free, high in protein and reduced sugar’

Nutritional-Information-Arla-Skyr (1)1

The probiotic cultures found in skyr are similar to those found in Greek yogurt which are of course known for promoting gut health by boosting healthy bacterial flora that assist with immunity and gut function.  Reduced sugars and fats can only be a good thing, plus that protein boost means you’ll stay full for a while.

Overall, its a great base product that you could eat by itself, or even better with some berries or lemon 🙂

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