Vegan Cinnamon Rolls!

Until last month I’d never eaten a cinnamon roll before.  I don’t know how I got so far without this in my life!  How typical to discover these at a time when I need to keep my sugar intake low!

Anyway, I set out to make my own and that’s when I discovered John and Dana aka The Minimalist Baker team.  They have a great site which sets out loads of recipes that are reasonably healthy and use as few ingredients as possible.

Luckily alongside loads of other great recipes that I’ll be trying, Dana has written a recipe for cinnamon rolls.  I tried it out yesterday and they were amazing!  Just as good as anything from Tesco without all the preservatives.

Here’s the link https: definitely go check them out.

The only problem is since they’re based in America they use cups instead of lbs.  No problems though I’ve converted the ingredients :

1 packet instant yeast
200ml  unsweetened almond milk
4oz cup Earth balance (vegan butter)
1/4 tsp salt
15 oz all purpose flour
1/2 Tbsp cinnamon
3oz + 1 Tbsp sugar

These are rough of course and may take a little experimenting in your kitchen, but definitely work a try!

I used Danas photo of the cinnamon rolls.. mine were far far too messy. I hope she doesn’t mind!

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