How I cured my hay fever with diet

Good morning Internet, It’s been a while and exam season is definitely upon us but I’m thrilled to report that for the first time in more than 10 years I am sitting exams without a packet of tissues and itchy eyes.  No longer do I have to feel embarrassed at my constant sneezing and discrete-as-possible sniffing.  This year I set out to discover if it is possible cure your hay fever and I  actually have.  Trust me no one is more surprised than me.

But how?  I’ve overhauled the diet, no more ‘bad’ sugars.  The chocolate digestives and pizza have had to go 😥  for the most part at least.  This means my diet has become a little dull of late but I’d rather live on porridge than have another summer of suffering.  To give you an idea of my hay fever, last year it became so severe I had flu symptoms, couldn’t work and felt too unwell to get up most days.  Alongside the constant sneezing, blocked/runny nose and irritated red eyes.  My doctor gave me the Kenalog steroid injection which made my symptoms bearable but has awful side effects.

But I digress, repeat after me:

No sugary fatty foods!

You need a diet that is low in foods that cause inflammation and is high in ones that are gentle to the system or even better are anti inflammatory or anti histamine!

Every morning I make a tea of fennel and ginger, and sip parsley tea throughout the day.
Garlic and onions are added to everything possible.  Lemons and honey and spinach are great also.
Really anything you eat needs to be as unprocessed as possible.  If you guys want I can write a much longer list of specific minerals and vitamins I think you should be aiming to eat (based on the reading I’ve been doing).  Try to avoid wheat and dairy, don’t cut them out by all means but try to replace them with vegetables over the summer.. I know its hard!

Lastly, get yourself a pot of Ainsworths Mixed Pollens.  They are homeopathic tablets and you need to take them 3 times a day every day for a couple of weeks (preferably before the season starts).  These work by building your bodies tolerance to grass, tree and flower pollens in a way that does not cause the histamine response that we all suffer.

Good luck fellow sufferers.  We all deserve a sneeze free summer!

2 thoughts on “How I cured my hay fever with diet

  1. Hi from:
    Wow! This is something I’m now going to have to try. I’m sick of hayfever symptoms at work! Fingers crossed it works for me too. 🙂
    – Hannah


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