Coming soon: Quinoa meatballs and the hay fever allergy diet!

I recently found a recipe for quinoa meatballs online at Cooking Light  and it looks like something I need to try as soon as possible! It can easily be adapted for vegetarians and those on a low sodium diet.  Easter break is coming soon so hopefully I’ll be able to drag myself out from beneath my mountainous pile of books long enough to experiment.

Those of you who know me will know I suffer badly with seasonal allergies or ‘Hay fever’ especially to trees and grass. Usually I try to treat it with anti-histamines; unusual for me to use ‘conventional’ medicines but I had previously assumes that my herbs wouldn’t be able to help – I still don’t know why I thought that when I’ve seen herbs work miracles beyond the reach of the GP doctor… Anyway, last year I was so unwell it was worse than having the flu, I couldn’t work and could hardly function.  In desperation I allowed the doctor to give me a steroid injection (the Kenelog for anyone interested).  I didn’t have time to research this drug as thoroughly as I normally would and how I wish I had – there were so many side effects that I’m still dealing with nearly a year later.

So this year I am turning back to my herbs and diet.  For the last month I have been taking Ainsworths mixed pollen tablets religiously.  I have also invested in ginger root to drink every day.  I need to find some other foods that are high in anti-inflammatory properties..

I have spent a lot of time on the internet and this is proving to be a steep learning curve; I have found some articles that link gut function to allergies so although I already take acidophillus tablets everyday I will double my dose.  I have also invested manuka honey and am forcing myself to have a teaspoon every morning.

Jason Vale advocates a juice fast, crediting it with curing his allergies, dermatitis and weight problems.  Although I don’t believe that a juice fast is necessarily a step in the right direction for me, not least because it is completely impractical with my summer fieldwork.

Maybe if I increase fruit intake while decreasing dairy, meanwhile continuing to eat whole grains and lean meats it will help… most importantly avoiding processed sugar (the hardest one :l  )

Since tree season is due to hit imminently, I will soon know if it is having any effect.   I’d love to hear any suggestions or stories from you guys, especially if you have found ways to reduce or hopefully eliminate your allergies!

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