Searching for new inspiration

I’ve hit a wall recently,   I loved working through the Deliciously Ella cookbook and I hope to post some more of the things I loved from her book soon.  I’ve also been ok with devising a few of my own recipes.. think cookies and Vegan haggis (it tastes so so much better than it sounds)!

But I tried finding inspiration in Jacks budget books but some of her recipes call for even more ingredients than some by Ella, as a start up cook I just don’t have the money to invest in 5 different spices for one recipe!  Also some of her recipes, while I’m sure they probably tasted good, cant be healthy at all.  For example she talks of a diet coke chicken,  she actually soaks a chicken in coke.  I couldn’t force full fat coke down knowing how much sugar is in it so the idea of ruining a perfectly good chicken with all the chemicals and preservatives in a diet coke is unthinkable.  That might sound a little over the top, but the point of cooking for myself is to be healthy, if I ate some of her recipes I may as save myself the effort and go down the local takeaway.

So, I’m asking you guys.  I’m always reading blogs on here and it’s a little overwhelming how much you seem to know…. where do you get your inspiration?!

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