Vegan chocolate brownies!

This recipe was one that I was most excited to make this week, I’m finding it tricky to resist the call of dairy milk especially with cream eggs in pretty much every shop!

These brownies were pretty easy to make actually once I found out what a sweet potato was! Β I used two sweet potatoes, boiled until they were soft then put in the blender to make a paste; then I added twelve medjool dates and blended it again. Β Then i mixed in 50g of ground almonds, 100g rice flour, 6 tablespoons of golden syrup and 8 tablespoons of cocoa powder, then cooked it in the oven for 25 minutes.

I’m so pleased they turned out well, they are just as gooey and chewy as regular brownies and could easily be Β a contender for my new favourite dessert. Β I’ll be making vegan ice cream from bananas soon that I think will taste AMAZING with these!

Love, Antonia

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