My Lent Challenge

After a week of half-hearted deliciously Ella eating I have to admit there have been changes.  I have a lot more energy without my usual diet that consists of lots of meat.  I’ve been forcing down a banana every day and I’ve found that as long as I leave it until I’m really hungry then it almost tastes good.  I’ve been trying to learn the difference between hunger and cravings; I read somewhere that its only hunger if ANYTHING will do.  If only a cupcake will do then it is a craving and its ok to try and ignore it…easier said than done I know.

But over the week I lost 4lbs, I’m not as groggy when I wake up and much less bloated.  Also there’s the self-righteous feeling you get when you say no to a cookie in favour of lemon water 😉

Over the weekend it was Valentine’s Day which brought with it plenty of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and pizza which was amazing.  But, the effects were noticeable and surprisingly swift, the bloated feeling took two days to subside as did the upset stomach and headache; The sugar crash made me so tired I had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, not that I complained as I ADORE an impromptu nap but it’s definitely a lesson on the effects of food and my body.

Anyway!  My housemate has challenged me to ‘eat like Ella’ for Lent!  It’s slightly overwhelming but I’m up for it!  I’ve been shopping for ‘Ella essentials’ like quinoa and medjool dates but they’re a whole other blog post!  It’s going to take a lot of learning and experimenting- I didn’t realise just how clueless I am- what do I do with an avocado? Can I spiralize a carrot?  Will a blender work instead of a food processor? … Stay tuned!

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