My Ohso Love

I have found a healthy-ish alternative to my Dairy milk addiction! I want to eventually cook my own vegan chocolate cookies but for convenience and to save another cooking fail that my family can laugh at then Ohso chocolate is perfect!

They come in four flavours (Lemon, orange, plain and raspberry) and include ‘friendly bacteria’ for your stomach- I’m not sure that I’m convinced on that front.  However, they have really small squares so it feels like you’re eating more than you actually are.  It’s so much more satisfying than galaxy or cookies.  I had planned to restrict myself to a single bar everyday but actually, I don’t find myself craving them in the same way that I would with cheaper chocolates…I think maybe its due to the higher (53%) cocoa content.

Overall, they’re vegetarian, 72 kcal and not full of preservatives and flavours to flare up my ‘health hiccups’.  I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for a treat substitute…I am well and truly in love!

Check it out:

I didn’t get paid to write this, just in case you were wondering 🙂

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