Day One

D-Day, the crux, the beginning.  The first day of a healthy me-apparently.  I’m fed up of being a junk food addict, I have a problem, I’m no longer prepared to be ruled by craving, especially cravings that make me feel awful afterwards and are never totally satisfied.

Junk food is my crutch, if I’m tired or bored or having a bad day I struggle to stay away from it.  If I get a bad grade or I’m struggling with an essay chocolate quickly becomes all I can think about.   Nine times out of ten I’ll give in and for just a few minutes the sugar makes me feel great.  I know other junk foodies will know the bliss of having a craving satisfied, but then that wave ends as the first feelings of guilt hit, followed by the headache and tired sluggish feeling as my body deals with the toxins I have inflicted upon it.

I’m not sure how to fix it actually, clearly behaviour has to change but when the behaviours are this ingrained the big question is HOW?

I’m inspired by a couple of motivating girl’s mainly lauramustloseweight and deliciously Ella.  Speaking of which, I’ve brought both her book and another by Jack Monroe, I’ll be making recipes from these boos and hopefully I’ll like them, maybe even enough to substitute for the unhealthy stuff.

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